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Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson

Our Founder

Andrew Gibson founded Agencia in 1997, leading the business as Managing Director, and then Chairman.  His desire to improve the quality of life for people by delivering improvements in health and justice inspired the launch of the business, and shaped its development as it expanded and built an international reputation.

As a family owned and run business, we had always been very close as a family and as colleagues, so it was with great sadness that we learned of Andrew’s illness and passing when the time came.

But Agencia was prepared, and that was down to Andrew himself.

He knew that, for a family business in particular, succession planning is vital. His was typically meticulous, and he started early with the result that he had built a strong team around him long before he curtailed his own involvement.

Andrew’s particular strengths included the development of strategic vision, team building, and conflict resolution for a client list which included the Ministry of Justice, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department of Health, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other government bodies.

He had begun his career as a Clinical Psychologist in a new department at Broadgate Hospital, Beverley. By his late 20s he was Head of Department, and he also carried out private counselling and pastoral work before moving into consultancy roles at Humberside University, before establishing Agencia.

One of the tributes which we received said: “Andrew was always there, calm, collected, and smiling, pouring oil on the troubled waters, bringing in the right information which was always detailed and well presented. He was a comforting figure when we really needed one, completely and utterly unflappable and always a delight to work with.”

Another remembered Andrew’s strong ethical approach: “I watched with no small degree of awe as Andrew transfixed one of the toughest audiences you could imagine with his quiet, precise and intuitive delivery of psychological insights. He has left a legacy not just in the structure of his company but in the minds and approaches of those fortunate enough to have worked with him or shared his interests.”

The last word in the tributes comes from Andrew’s family: “He had a gift for cultivating the conditions and environment in which people could thrive, leaving us all feeling loved, valued and appreciated. Andrew has sown some interesting seeds in his family, church and work life, and was excited about what the harvest would produce – that’s the challenge he leaves each and every one of us.”