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Primary Care Networks – How our Primary Care Direct service can support you

Primary Care Networks – How our Primary Care Direct service can support you
23rd January 2019 joy

NHS England has instructed CCGs to ensure new primary care networks of 30-50,000 patients are in place by 30 June 2019 at the latest (england.nhs.uk/publication/preparing-for-2019-20-operational-planning-and-contracting/ …).  Primary Care Networks funding is available until the end of March 2019, so speak to your CCG or local NHSE about this funding.

Our Primary Care Direct service is already supporting the developing and maintaining of primary care networks on behalf of NHS England.

We can support YOU with your:

  • PCN development plan;

  • Transformation plans for the local priorities you’ve identified for support;

  • Evaluation of the different models of working to understand what is best for you, and draft the relevant legal framework for you to operate in;

  • Local workforce plan, ensuring it supports the development of an expanded workforce and multidisciplinary teams, and sets out the strategy to recruit and retain staff within primary care and general practice;

  • Financial plans to secure cost reductions compared to the latest 2018/19 outturn.


“It’s great working with you guys as you are super ‘on it,’ organised, and most of all, credible.”
Peter Groggins, NHS England

“Helen and ‘the team’ delivered a hugely informative and entertaining session for Cheshire GPs today.  A big thank you!  Highly recommend if you are thinking of doing a similar event.”
William Greenwood, Chief Executive and Company Secretary, Cheshire Local Medical Committee

“A combination of strong technical expertise with good stakeholder involvement – a great team to work with.”
Geoff Lake, Director of Primary Care, North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group


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