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Active Recovery

Combatting Substance Misuse

In 2014, the Substance Misuse Team from North Lincolnshire Council wanted to move to a single provider model, drawing together the good practice across local organisations to provide a single service for the benefit of users and the wider community. Agencia developed Active Recovery (a pioneering end to end service model) that would not only transform lives but also help strengthen the wider community for the future.

fully agree that Active Recovery is the best service for them

would recommend Active Recovery to friends and family, if they needed similar care or treatment

The Challenge

  • Understand the needs of Service Users and the wider community to deliver a single service to tackle substance misuse.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in treatment and increase the number of drug free planned exits.
  • Combine the excellent existing practices from local organisations into a single provider model.
  • Set up and run a service to benefit users and the wider community.

The Action

Agencia assembled a team of expert practitioners to design and run Active Recovery; an innovative service model to support registered drug users who have long-term issues with substance abuse. The service works across the county in close liaison with a team of General Practitioners and other medical professionals to meet the needs of clients through the prescription of appropriate Opiate Substitution Therapy. This medical support is embedded within a holistic and challenging package of care and psychosocial interventions to enable clients to achieve their personal ‘recovery’ goals and support them on the journey towards a drug free life.

Public Health England Capital Funding recognised the value of our work and accepted a bid to bring a purpose-built treatment centre to a deprived area of Scunthorpe.

“This service follows a simple vision: to support our clients into recovery, achieving changes that make lives better. A major element of this is creating an environment where becoming drug free is realistic and achievable. We deliver a highly personalised programme in a manner which is both challenging and supporting.”

Service Delivery Manager

The Results

A clear transformation was seen in Scunthorpe and the work Agencia implemented has not only improved individual welfare but the community as a whole.

  • Significant improvement in drug free exits
  • Secured an additional £177,000 of external funding from 3 separate sources
  • Reducing the costs of providing the improved service by 15% from the original budget
  • Brilliant feedback from Service Users

“I am on a massive journey and have been for many years. The difference is I now see my destination and am excited to reach it. The whole Active Recovery team / volunteers make this possible.”

Listen to their story in our video below:

“The work delivered so far through the Active Recovery Service has made a real difference. It has delivered tough challenges and changes to enable people to achieve their recovery goals. The feedback received from service users highlights how fantastic the service is. We need to continue this invaluable work in the future.”

Stewart Atkinson, North Lincolnshire Substance Misuse Team

Best Presented Paper Award 2016

We were recognised for our dedication and achievements at the Royal College of General Practitioner Substance Misuse Conference 2016

Service Extension 2017

The success of Active Recovery has supported Agencia in being awarded an additional four year contract for the provision of Needle Exchange, Supervised Consumption, Alcohol Interventions and Brief Advice, and NHS Health Checks across North Lincolnshire.

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