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Republic of Serbia

Enhancing Managerial and Administrative Capabilities

The Challenge

As the highest judicial bodies, the High Judicial Council (HJC) and State Prosecutorial Council (SPC), wanted to enhance their managerial and administrative capabilities, so that their role would be more effective in leading the courts and prosecution services in Serbia.

  • Implement Institutional Buildings.
  • Development of competence frameworks.
  • Training of the staff of the High Judicial Council.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Supervision and mentoring of staff

The Action

Agenica were tasked with implementing changes which would remain concrete in the way in which the HJC and SPC would come to operate. Addressing both bodies individually, and assessing the areas where they needed to make improvements, was the first task.

Defining Roles
Clearer roles and responsibilities were outlined and defined for each department. Clarity in the role, and the expectations alongside it, are integral to any organisation. This way, roles could be developed to facilitate the creation of a ‘nimble learning’ organisation which would make decision and delegate at the appropriate levels.

Business Strategy
More attention needed to be paid to the planning of strategies and business decisions. The introduction of SWOT analysis allowed realistic plans to be created, based on an accurate understanding of their current situation. These frameworks became stable and added an extra competence when carrying out tasks.

Examples needed to be set from the top down. Therefore, the recruitment policy was addressed and updated, sourcing those with particular skill-sets for more defined roles. With current staff, competence-based appraisal systems were introduced to maintain high standards. Similar structures were introduced across the board, including premises managers, IT managers and more.

Succession Planning
Agencia refused to allow progress to be short-lived, so orchestrated ongoing plans for organisations to reflect on good practice and continue to instil new approaches for success.

It became clear that regular communication was required between all parties, both internally and externally. Agencia demonstrated ideas and methods of increasing frequent communication, and facilitated their successful implementation.

The Results

By going back to basics and introducing some tried and trusted methods and principles, the Serbian HJC and SPC are a more robust operation across all aspects of their work.

  • Increased facilities
  • Successful frameworks identifying roles and responsibilities
  • Thorough recruitment and appraisal processes
  • Developed performance of staff and management


The High Judicial Council and the State Prosecutorial Council


April 2011 – 2013


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