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Improving Competence and Performance in Malaysia

The Challenge

The Malaysian Inland Revenue Board’s prosecutors required an informative and educational training programme for their 32 staff. Agencia developed and delivered a training schedule, with a view of to improving the knowledge, competence and performance of several crucial aspects of advocacy.

The Action

Firstly, Agencia assessed and identified the key important areas for improvement, and constructed a detailed training programme to meet the expectations and objectives of the Inland Revenue Board. The training included particular emphasis on:

Educating staff about the importance of handling witnesses in the correct manner. The different types and range of witnesses were also a focus, as some scenarios can be unpredictable. Agencia had to make sure the staff were ready for any circumstance or eventuality. The final aspect was more specific training for different witness categories and appropriate techniques to employ in each scenario.

Skills and techniques in the art of writing, opening and closing statements for prosecutions were delivered to staff, along with mock scenarios and reflection sessions.

Further skills and techniques concerned with motion advocacy and appellate advocacy were taught in the form of reacting and responding to certain scenarios accordingly.

The Results

The Malaysian Inland Revenue Board and its staff benefitted from practical and highly interactive training sessions which were educational, engaging and tailored to their needs.

  • Improved staff knowledge and performance
  • Increased confidence and competence within the organisation
  • Helped to identify additional needs and areas for improvements


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