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Capacity Building

Advancing the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariat in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Challenge

The British Embassy in Bosnia & Herzegovina wished to build the capacity of the Secretariat of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC). To do so, Agencia, (working with its consortium partners PwC UK and Lucid Linx) were asked to assess current performance of judicial institutions and respond accordingly.

  • Improve Human Resource Management and Performance Management
  • Develop Business Planning Methods and Strategies
  • Increase Risk Management Assessment and Awareness
  • Design and deliver impactful training

The Action

The nature of this project was particularly important, as the justice reform programme, which Agencia would be addressing, would be responsible for the appointment, promotion and discipline of all judicial post holders.

  • Quality Management
    Agencia introduced a Quality Management System using a Common Assessment Framework developed by the Public Administration Reform Programme in BiH. This would provide a consistency throughout and ensure maintenance of high standards.
  • Business Planning
    By reassessing the direction of business and planning for a smarter future, Agencia delievred a worked with the HJPC to develop a business plan, with noticeable improvements in the Human Resource strategy and Performance Management structures..
  • Business Contingency
    Agencia produced plans for contingency and risk assesment strategies. By anticipating and planning for the management of risks, the business would be better placed to move forward.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
    The introduction of a stakeholder engagement strategy demonstrated a transparency to further advance the communications plan which would bring together the business members and enhance their ability to work more cooperatively.

The Results

The European Commission undertook Peer Reviews of the HJPC core functions, and produced a series of recommendations. Our work is providing support to expedite reform including:

  • Implementation of a Quality Management System using a Common Assessment Framework developed by the Public Adminstration Reform Programme in BiH
  • Development and delivery of a business improvement plan
  • Development and Delivery of a Human Resource Strategy
  • Implementation of Performance Management Structure
  • Implementation of a revised business planning process
  • Production of business contingency and risk management strategies
  • Production of stakeholder engagement strategy and communications plan


High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council


April 2015 – Ongoing


UK Government – Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

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