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NHS England appoints Agencia’s Primary Care Direct service to support Primary Care Networks

NHS England appoints Agencia’s Primary Care Direct service to support Primary Care Networks
5th November 2018 joy

Agencia is delighted to announce that it has secured work with NHS England.  This will be delivered by Agencia’s Primary Care Direct service and involves delivering ‘Working at Scale’ workshops to Primary Care Networks, including GPs and Practice Managers.

Agencia has a long history of working in primary care, which most recently has culminated in establishing Primary Care Direct.  In doing so, it joined forces with DKJ Support Services, Capsticks and BHP Chartered Accountants in 2016. This year Primary Care Direct has recruited medical defence organisation MDDUS, Lloyds Bank and Yorkshire Medical Marketing. They have also added property specialists GP Surveyors and Apollo, medicines optimisation company Prescribing Support Services and the Local Medical Committees Buying Groups Federation.

Helen Gibson, Managing Director of Agencia, said: “The move is towards super practices because it is increasingly difficult for single-handed GPs to operate. There are a whole range of services that are being put out into the community and primary care. We help with shaping business strategy, right through to mobilising and implementing services, supporting providers that deliver day to day services and procedures and also preparing for CQC inspections.

“GPs and federations are having to be much more commercial and business focused in terms of the commissioning environment and their involvement with the CCGs and take on leadership roles in a way that they didn’t have to before.  We were already doing the change management side of it and we expanded by setting up Primary Care Direct because other needs were identified. The aim is to pull together all the best primary care industry experts – finance, legal, HR, property – .and offer a more comprehensive service.”  She added:

“People might not need all of that but they know they can come to one place and find it. It’s a very unusual and innovative approach and that’s partly why it’s been successful. There’s nothing else like it.”

For more information, visit our Primary Care Direct website: https://primarycaredirect.co.uk/


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