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Probation Reform: Our Solutions for Integrated Offender Management

Probation Reform: Our Solutions for Integrated Offender Management
8th February 2019 joy


The Ministry of Justice is currently consulting on proposed changes to the structure and the way in which probation services are delivered in England and Wales via the public sector National Probation Service and through contracts with Community Rehabilitation Companies.

While there has been criticism of the current operating model and performance has not been as effective as hoped for, government is clear that the most effective way of delivering effective rehabilitation will still be through a mixed market of service providers drawing on the best expertise from the public, private and voluntary sector.

The consultation has placed effective rehabilitation of offenders at its core.  Several factors are already becoming clearer.  There is likely to be a greater emphasis on high quality partnership work that will deliver more individually tailored outcomes on a consistent and sustainable basis.

The sharing of good practice to address criminogenic and practical needs through partnership work will be incentivised.  Rehabilitation activities will involve and be more accountable to communities and local organisations that are often better able to deliver the needs of the service user.  There is a desire for better information exchange and sharing, leading to better decision making that is both defensible and sustainable.


Agencia has experts with proven success in delivering performance across all these areas.

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