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Agencia work with Barnsley Council & Barnsley Gender Equality Forum to support their event on International Women’s Day 2018

Agencia work with Barnsley Council & Barnsley Gender Equality Forum to support their event on International Women’s Day 2018
7th March 2018 joy

Agencia is thrilled to be working closely with Barnsley Council and the Barnsley Gender Equality Forum to help facilitate and publicise their event at Barnsley Town Hall this week for International Women’s Day 2018.


The event, held between 2:00pm and 4:30pm on Thursday 8th March will feature a display by Barnsley Museum, archives about notable women in the town’s history, an array of video clips relevant to women’s history and modern lives, and a showcase of all the stories gathered for the Women’s Voices project.


The Barnsley Gender Equality Forum encourage women local to the Barnsley region to get involved by attending the event and sharing their own “Women’s Voice” story about facing a challenging time and how strength to cope was sought through support from services and others in the community. These stories can be expressed in a variety of ways, so look forward to potentially seeing pictures, sewing, writing, songs and videos.


To track our progress, or to engage with the Barnsley campaign please see our social media and contact information below:


Twitter – twitter.com/Barnsleygef
Instagram – instagram.com/barnsleygef

Facebook – facebook.com/barnsleygef
E-mail – equalityanddiversity@barnsley.gov.uk


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