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Agencia plans for the future with advisory board

Agencia plans for the future with advisory board
3rd December 2018 joy

Agencia is working to strengthen its business and develop its plans for the future with the appointment of an advisory board.

The board, which has already held its inaugural meeting, comprises eight people who all have vital experience in Agencia’s areas of operation. The company is now working to add to the number and to the expertise.

Helen Gibson, Managing Director of Agencia, said: “We have set our strategic direction, refreshed our brand, invested in our infrastructure to embed our values and attracted an energetic, courageous and inspired team.

“We want to grow, extend our reach and strengthen our social footprint. We believe that a key step towards this is establishing an advisory board that will constructively challenge and contribute to our strategic direction and enhance our public profile by endorsing our proposition.  This will enable us to access new networks, markets and energies as we embark on the next chapter of our story.”

The intention is that the board will meet twice a year – probably in April and October. Members will be paid expenses and are likely to be better placed to develop their own careers as a result of the experience and the new contacts.

Helen added: “We describe ourselves as ‘changemakers… transforming lives.’  In practice this means being ready to hold faithfully to our values whilst at the same time making money – so we can do more – and transforming the lives of everyone we work with.  We try to do this with our wider business family of stakeholders, from leaders and commissioners to service users on the front line; from our own staff to our partners and collaborators.

“It is useful to have extra heads around the table to support and challenge what we do. We also want to expand our role further and help more people in more places. It’s about bringing additional intelligence to us and operating as ambassadors for Agencia.”

The current members of the advisory board, who are all experts in their fields, are:

  • Kath Lavery – Chair, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Chair of Humber Biz Week, and Institute of Directors “Yorkshire Director of Year”

  • Keith Hunter – Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside.

  • Marcus Isman-Egal – Currently at Doncaster Children’s Trust and very well connected to a range of social enterprises.

  • Robin Lockhart, CEO of Through Unity and 2016 Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year

  • Clive Furness, former Newham Mayoral Advisor on Adults and Health, currently Director at The Swift Centre (youth centre in east London)

  • Chris Frean – Foreign and Commonwealth diplomat at the British Embassy in Rabat, Morocco.

  • Barry Snelgrove – Currently Assurance and Intelligence Senior Manager at HM Prison and Probation Service, former Head of Ministry of Justice International team

  • Dr Tim Pascoe, Director of Griffin Research & Consultancy, Catalyst in Communities and Caribbean Crime Prevention International

Ms Lavery said: “All the people on the new board have vital experience in Agencia’s areas of operation and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of it. Helen has put together a fascinating group of people each of whom has an incredibly diverse background and we will all get a lot out of it ourselves by working together with such a great company.”


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