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Agencia nominated for The Big Heart Award at The National Family Business Awards 2018

Agencia nominated for The Big Heart Award at The National Family Business Awards 2018
11th July 2018 joy

Following last years’ success at the National Family Business Awards, in which we scooped the award for Best Small Business in the UK, this year sees Agencia nominated for The Big Heart Award.

The awards ceremony will be at Wembley Arena on the 14th July, and will include an array of family business from around the UK who have been nominated for various categories including Customer Service, Technology and Innovation, and Best Business to work for.

Agencia rebranded in 2017 and changed it’s strapline to ‘Transforming Lives’.  The essence of this goes to the core of the work that we do and the way in which we work with all our clients, partners and people. We are passionate that our work makes a sustainable difference and if we can’t affect positive change, it’s not an Agencia job.

Dr Andrew Gibson founded Agencia in 1997. Today the business is run by his daughter Helen Gibson who is Managing Director. Andrew’s younger daughter Joy Allen, also joined at the start of 2017 as Head of HR & Corporate Services.

Agencia are a team of industry experts with years of on-the-ground experience in a range of diverse fields. The result is we have the capability to solve problems in a way that some businesses just can’t, finding inspiration where others may find difficulty; especially when addressing tricky or seemingly hard to solve issues.  Our work has addressed a diverse range of challenging issues both in the UK and internationally; we have reformed government judicial capabilities, transformed healthcare services, developed integrated strategies for organisations, improved communities and ultimately changed lives.

Helen said:

“With values at the heart of Agencia, we are extremely proud of our achievements, and our desire to enact positive change does not stop through the work that we deliver to our clients.  Our people continuously look for ways to extend our ability to transform lives.  For example, we have provided funding to build a well in Uganda to provide safe, clean water for a village of up to 2,000 people.  We have also provided practical support to the Healing Hands Network which offers support via their clinic in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to people suffering after-effects of the Balkan War.  Agencia’s Active Recovery team has also supported the establishment of The Detox Club which has transitioned into a constitution within its own right, and is now led by service users.”

The National Family Business Awards, organised and hosted by Family Business Place have a growing reputation for discovering and recognising the most outstanding family businesses throughout all four corners of the UK and Ireland.


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To find out more about the awards, click here: http://thenationalfamilybusinessawards.com


About Agencia

  • Agencia has been transforming organisations for over 20 years. We not only design the change but also make it happen, turning strategy into action and action into results.
  • We are a team of industry experts with years of on the ground experience. Our solutions are pragmatic and down to earth.
  • We are a family run business with values based on collaboration, practical and realistic methods for making a difference.
  • We have been trusted to deliver over 400 contracts, developing and exporting British public service expertise. We have improved government capabilities, transformed entire organisations, developed communities and changed lives.
  • We thrive on the most challenging projects, finding inspiration where others may find difficulty.
  • We operate worldwide.


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