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Agencia launches new basic and advanced Disclosure Training programme

Agencia launches new basic and advanced Disclosure Training programme
27th February 2018 ag3nc1a

Recent events related to rape trials and investigations have highlighted the potential reputational and financial implications of not fully understanding and applying the rules relating to the disclosure of unused material in criminal cases. Since the introduction of the rules on disclosure, new forms of digital communication have grown significantly, and this adds to the complexity of investigations, especially in those cases where there is an existing relationship between the victim and alleged offender.

Failure to deal effectively with disclosure is damaging to victims and suspects and to the reputation of the police and prosecuting agencies.

Agencia is able to offer bespoke training on disclosure. It can be tailored to your specific needs and can range from a basic grounding in the subject to more advanced training. We use practical examples and case studies which demonstrate the practical application to a full range of investigations. We can equip modern law enforcement organisations with the tools and confidence to deal with this important subject – it can mean the difference between success and failure at court!

Agencia employs first class trainers who are experts with recent hands on experience of dealing with the most serious complex criminal investigations.

Their experience of training delivery in disclosure dates back from the beginning of the statutory regime in 1997. Training has been delivered to a broad range of law enforcement professionals, from those engaged in neighbourhood policing to those in specialist units dealing with organised and cross-border crime, cybercrime, child protection and sexual offences, (including Senior Investigating Officer training).

They have delivered training at the College of Policing, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and National Crime Agency, UK Border Agency, Independent Police Complaints Commission and Service Prosecuting Authority.

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For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact Steve Pitts, Director of Justice, Policing and Security
+44 (0)1482 649900 stevepitts@agencialtd.com