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Agencia furthers strategy for growth in Kenya with Nairobi mission

Agencia furthers strategy for growth in Kenya with Nairobi mission
5th December 2018 joy

Agencia started working in Kenya last year.  Last month, two of Agencia’s Management Team, Steve Pitts and Linda Maytum-Wilson, visited Nairobi to join the Agencia team in Kenya, who were delivering a second project for the Kenyan government.  As part of the mission, they also took the opportunity to explore how Agencia can support healthcare reform in Kenya.  As well as identifying further needs, Steve and Linda met a wide mix of senior policy-makers and Directors within the Ministry of Health, healthcare agencies out in the field, private sector providers and Members of Parliament.

Over a lunch hosted for Agencia in the Parliament Building, discussion with MPs focused on the challenges of the government’s Big Four reform programme; in particular the ambition to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2022 and the challenges of the county healthcare pilots about to begin on 1st December this year.   Having just visited Kenya’s only mental health hospital, Members were particularly interested in Agencia’s expertise in mental health and substance misuse.  A subsequent meeting with the Africa Mental Health Foundation underlined the huge challenge of managing mental illness within communities and its impact in the workplace.  Agencia’s accreditation as a Mindful Employer was of interest to the Foundation’s clinicians working with Kenyan employers to promote the wellbeing and mental resilience of staff as drivers of productivity.  Linda and Steve also met with several social entrepreneurs.

Having returned to the UK with greater insight into how Agencia can best continue to support the Kenyan government’s reform programme, we  will be consolidating our connections and exploring how best to help strengthen capacity, improve health outcomes and transform lives.

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